Meet our passionate Sioen Talents!

As a family business, we strive to hold on to our family values. Our people are key to our company. As a family company, we strive to hold on to our family values. A strong team is what makes our business thrive. We hand our employees the adequate tools to excel at their jobs.

Innovative solutions to make a difference

Astrid — Product Developer

At Sioen I am able to pursue my passion on a daily basis by designing trendy protective garments from a to z. I am surrounded by great colleagues with whom I look for innovative solutions like new fabrics, standards, ... to make a difference in the market.

Fascinating to link creativity with the scientific aspects

Jeroen — Laboratory Operator

The fact that I can and may participate in projects that contribute to the safety of people during the performance of their job is something I am really proud of. Next to that it's fascinating that I can combine creativity with scientific aspects at work.

A passionate family business

Jan — Commercial Director

The position of Commercial Director at Sioen’s Coating division really appealed to me as it is a very passionate family business that always has the ambition to grow. In addition, I really like the fact that we are active on 7 continents and in more than 75 different countries.

Interaction with different departments and brands

Charlotte — Product Portfolio Manager

The job appealed to me, as I interact with people from different departments. I have contact with people from the lab, sales, marketing and people on the technical side of the business. I also work for different Sioen brands, such as Sioen PPC, SIP Protection and Mullion.

Fun moments with colleagues

Désirée — Sales Assistant

I liked the warm welcome of my colleagues. My manager immediately entrusted me with important clients, which gave me a really good feeling. At Sioen, I’ve already had a bunch of fun moments with my colleagues. We have, for example, a Christmas party every year.

A mix between sales and creativity

Elisa — Sales Assistant

My job is the perfect mix between sales and creativity. My first experience at Sioen was very nice. As it is a large company, a lot of people work here. My colleagues, however, are very friendly and jovial, and it was very easy to integrate into the group.

Together we achieve more!