About Sioen

Info about our plants

Sioen has more than 50 years of experience in textiles. In Belgium there are 6 sites: Ardooie, Poperinge, Mouscron, Bornem, Kerksken (Haaltert) and Liège. Sioen has more than 4 500 employees worldwide. Read the story behind the figures here.

Sioen Industries is specialised in industrial textiles. Under the leadership of our CEO Michèle Sioen and her 2 sisters, our company has grown into a multinational with branches in 23 countries and 4,500 employees worldwide. This makes us the world market leader in coated technical textiles and professional protective clothing. We owe this position first and foremost to our employees. "Our people are our most important asset", to quote Michèle Sioen. We also owe our growth to our drive, ingrained in a West-Flemish family business. Our ambition to continue innovating and to focus on quality characterises us. At our headquarters in Ardooie, you will not only find our laboratories but also test environments for our products. Innovation is one of our biggest drivers. All this makes Sioen a healthy company and a stable employer. We continue to invest in new projects, people, and the passioenate atmosphere that is so characteristic of our company.

Technical textiles

Sioen is the world market leader in technical textiles and professional protective clothing. Our products can be found in over 30 000 applications. They make a difference in everyone's daily life.

Tarpaulins, teabags, airbags, conveyor belts, bouncy castles, tents, sports mats, filters, etc. are just a few of the applications in which you will find our technical textiles. The list is long and offers an answer to many social challenges.

100 years of textile tradition

Sioen Industries has more than 100 years of textile tradition. The company was founded in 1907 in Rumbeke (near Roeselare, Belgium). Here Adolf Sioen started a weaving mill under the name Sioen-Sabbe.

With this, he wrote the first page of a worldwide success story. But the growth into a world market leader did not happen without a struggle. In 1991, a fire destroyed the headquarters with all production in Ardooie. Discover the fascinating history of our company.